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My Projects
2023 | AppDev Project
TCM Shifu - Chinese TCM Website Portal

TCM Shifu is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic storefront + blog + appointment booking website built with Python Flask

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2023 | Full Stack Project
EnviroGo Carpooling and Bike Sharing

EnviroGo is a carpooling and bike Sharing website bulit on React (Front-end) and ExpressJS (Back-end) where users and drivers can arrange carpooling services easily as well as rent bicycles for short distance travel.

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2022 | MSD Project
Nerf blaster shop app (Kangaroo Shop)

Simple iOS storefront that sells Nerf blasters.

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2022 | WebDev Assign.
JapanRailFan - Japanese train information website

A website for viewing different types of Japanese train rolling stock, lines, operators and tickets.

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2021 | IAD Project
Online sign-up website (Innovate Training)

My IAD project with a theme of a website for a training company to promote their courses online

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2021 | Android App
MobileMD - Android Mangadex Client

MoblieMD is a Android Managdex client built with Kodular, a fork of MIT App Inventor with advanced features

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2021 | IAD PA1
ITE Info Tech Website

A simple introduction website for ITE Information Technology

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2021 | ASP Project
Singapore Visitor Counter and statistics (1978 - 1987)

Singapore visitor stats graph generator in Python

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2020 | Android App

MaterialAnimeList is an app to search manga on MyAnimeList through Jikan API

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2020 | PFM PA2
BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator built with simple HTML, Javascript and CSS

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2020 | UED Project
Online Shop Prototype (GameStart)

GameStart is a non-functional, Bootstrap based prototype for a online game shop website.

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2020 | UED PA2
Trip planner app design

An app prototype for a trip planner app made in Photoshop

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2020 | UED PA1
GameOn Website Prototype

A website prototype for a school games club

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2020 | Website
Bus Time Checker with LTA Datamall

A simple bus time checker using LTA APIs

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