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EnviroGo Carpooling and Bike Sharing

EnviroGo is a carpooling and bike Sharing website bulit on React (Front-end) and ExpressJS (Back-end) where users and drivers can arrange carpooling services easily as well as rent bicycles for short distance travel.

EnviroGo features includes:
- User and driver management
- Ride requests for customers to book carpooling rides
- Matching system based on date, time and pickup location to make a carpool request
- Bicycle renting
- Wallet and reward point system
- Online shop to redeem points
- Support requests and help articles
- Support live chat with staff

My contributions to this project consists of the general design of the page (such as the fonts, colours and layouts), user management (profile pages, user states) and the support pages (live chat, help articles and help requests)

Other Info

Year Developed: 2023
Project Type: Full Stack Project

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