About Me


Joseph Lee

Hi, I am Joseph Lee. Since young I have been fascinated with technology and the internet as it provides us with a wealth of information that we can learn and study without the need of another person to teach.

I started programming back in secondary 3 with the help of Scratch, a block-based game editor (https://scratch.mit.edu)

My experience in software developement includes:
- Web development using different technologies (HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, Python Flask, Node.js Express, React)
- Database management (SQL)
- Web hosting management (DNS, Cloudflare, VPS Servers)
- Mobile development (Apple Swift, App Inventor for Android, Java for App Inventor extensions)
- Prototyping Applications (Adobe XD, Figma)

Resume & Links
2023 Resume
2023 revision of the resume

About This Website
This website is developed with PHP and SQL to store the project information.

The website is designed in a way that I can modify any information on the website via the SQL database so that I do not need to directly edit the source code (This text box included).
I like trains :)